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Why My Zypp Plan?

Increasing fuel prices and India being home to 6 out of 10 world's most polluted cities leading to killing over 12 Lakh people every year and transportation heavily dependant on fuel gives a crucial reason why you should switch to EVs as your daily driver. We bring the biggest brand in EVs to make last-mile logistics go carbon-free, want people to easily access electric scooters at easy EMI plans. Fast improving charging infrastructure and EV technology, electric two-wheelers are the best way for consumers to save money and help improve the air quality index. My Zypp plan helps you buy an electric scooter with easy payment options and your initials printed on it so that it appears different on the road and easy to notice.

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Switch to the most reliable, affordable & India's largest Electric last mile delivery partner. Download App & use code: ZYPP to get 1st Delivery FREE.

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