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Evolving buying habit post lockdown has seen an exponential rise in home delivery as going out isn’t a best option for most of the people in urban landscape and ecommerce platforms are catering orders with tailor-made services to meet this demand and pamper their customers. This has also thrown some challenges of logistic cost and managing delivery fleet isn’t easy. Hiring manpower and providing them bikes on large scals burns cash reserve seriously and even if delivery executive brings its own vehicle, providing them fuel cost is another challenge. Zypp Electric predicted this before lockdown and started its fully automated electric delivery mechanism to help ecommerce giants and even small scale merchant to meet home delivery demand affordable. Zypp delivery has over 500+ merchant partners as of Oct,2020 from every segment like groceries, medicines, e-commerce, essentials, health and wellness and food. Zypp provides dedicated rider, electric scooters and even e-loaders with dedicated merchant dashboard to track order and get secure online payments which has lead to a huge cost saving for partners and enable them to focus on their customer demands. This is just a beginning and we are aiming to disrupt ecommerce shipping solutions in India. Sign up today and we will help you scale your revenue and sales.

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