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Why Zypp Rentals?

Zypp Rentals offers different forms of scooters available on weekly, monthly and quarterly rental plans. Plans are available where Zypp even delivers scooters to customer’s homes via Zypp Home Delivered option. Zypp Rentals assures you to use it on your own terms without any physical contact with people in public transportation or shared transport, this way you can keep your commute prices in control and with charger provided with the scooter makes it take it anywhere vehicle. Zypp also provides life time maintenance support to keep you going.


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Download the App:

Login with your credentials and verify by OTP.

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Update KYC:

Validate KYC with your Aadhar card and Driver's License.

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Scan Scooter:

Go to nearest Zypp hub and scan scooter to avail the plan

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Choose Rental Plan:

Deposit Security amount (Refundable) and Rental plan via App

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Extend Plan:

Extend plan as per usage on the app before expiry

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Scooter Deposit:

After usage, deposit scooter back to the Zypp hub only and get security amount refunded after deduction of any extra breakage or usage charges

Rental Plans to Choose

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Mission Zero Emission

Join the ecosystem Electric Vehicles for a sustainable carbon free future of Zero Emission with Zypp Electric, India's Leading Tech-Enabled EV-as-a-Service Platform.

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