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Why Buy, Lease & Earn?

Someone's sitting in shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago" by Warren Buffet and this has direct links to ventures we do today to reap benefits tomorrow. Growing EV industry will be worth ₹500 Billion by 2025 and with a target to make India all Electric by 2030, this number will definitely grow. Invest in escooters and lease to us for the tenure of 3years and make profits of 20.50% which will have consistent monthly income as returns, you'll be the owner of escooter and we will be the user. Leasing is a fair practice that even big airlines giants do to operate the fleet. This is 100% secure with genuine paperwork, enrol today and explore the benefits with Zypp Electric. Zypp EV Entrepreneur Programme is where we're giving opportunity to individual investors, companies to grow the EV revolution in India by becoming EV Entrepreneur's with Zypp Electric. Zypp Electric is a 3-year old startup in Electric Logistics space based in Gurgaon with a mission to "Make all Lastmile Deliveries Go Electric". We're growing rapidly in India serving several large B2B partners with Electric Vehicles enabled Deliveries to reduce the carbon footprint in the country and making deliveries affordable and eco-friendly. The e-scooters are IOT powered which can be tracked and lock/unlocked using Zypp App for efficient GPS tracking of trained delivery heroes who are enabled by AI/ML algorithms via Zypp Pilot App. So buy e-scooters, join electric revolution, lease them to ZYPP Electric and get monthly rentals in your bank account at 20% IRR.