Invest in Electric Bikes: Generate good passive earning

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Why will you invest in electric bikes?

The youth of today always want to invest in something from where they can have a good passive income. Investment in idle assets will increase your liability only due to the poor condition of the economy. Some may try to invest money in fixed deposits, mutual funds, gold, or properties. But all of them are subjects to market risk. You might not get the returns according to your calculation.

Where will you invest? We can suggest a new way where you can invest and earn. That is Zypp Electric Vehicle. The company can assure you to get good returns on investment.

The Ev industries are growing and it will flourish more in the future. If you are investing in Zypp you will be a partner of our company. It will give you the opportunity to grow with the company. Isn’t it great?

Here we will present data to portray the difference in return. Go through it to feel the need, why you should choose EVs?

         Comparison on returns
FD Rates Equity Mutual funds Return on property PPF Debt Mutual funds RD rates Zypp6.10% 8.85% 11.8% 7.9% 8% 5.5-8% 20.50%

Now we will focus on some features for which the Electric Vehicles are on high demand these days:

Cost and energy-friendly

In New-Delhi the Electric-vehicles rental services are most popular and by 2030 their revenue hike is expected to reach up to 700 billion. Railway Minister has declared that by 2030 only Electric Vehicles will dominate the streets of India.

At present various metro stations of Delhi have offered the daily passengers the electronic bike services. Zypp app is the one who is initiating the whole.

These electric vehicles are as well-equipped as the motor vehicles. They are saving the cost and energy of the passenger at the same time. With one single charge, your bike can run 25 to 30 km which will save 100 to 200 Rs. every week. Statics have shown that the cost of traveling is one rupee for every km. 

So, this will be extremely helpful for all those people who want to save money. 

Post-COVID, communications will be very much dominated by EV rental services. It will be high time for you to invest in them.

Cares for the environment

The universe is at verge of many challenges due to the pollution. The excessive use of Motor vehicles is one of the devils behind. And environment needs our care. E-bikes are eco-friendly which we can opt for them easily to save nature.

One-stop solution for delivery in future

In the near future, these e-bikes will be the only source which will be employed hugely for delivery purposes. 

So, if you are still thinking about where to invest? Then not waste your time anymore. Invest in e-bikes today. 


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