How are electric bikes and scooters promoting Sustainable Goals?

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Electric bikes and scooters have had a deeper impact on the Indian markets than any other power vehicle. Electric bikes have become the modern-day solution to the myriad issues waged by mankind against the environment. As the mayhem ensues, the global organizations instituted sustainable goals that strive to enable the humankind worldwide.

The critical role which the transportation sector plays in realizing these sustainable goals is magnanimous. Cycling is already delivering onto the purpose of achieving sustainable goals. Electric bikes, however, resolve the predicament of micro-mobility. Urban transport policymakers in India have had problems establishing adequate infrastructure, which might enhance the performance of electric bikes and scooters. However, start-ups have found a way around the inadequacy manifested by the government and the policymakers.

Zypp and the initiative towards achieving the Sustainable Goals

Consequently, Zypp, an electric bike and scooter rental application start-up, currently based out of Gurgaon, has taken present shortcomings in its stride. Zypp, with its advanced policies and cutting-edge technology, is empowering the citizens of Gurgaon with the luxury of sustainable energy. However, the perception of sustainable technology regarded as a luxury (or even as an alternative) reflects the deficiency and flaws in the transportation governance of the country. Rather, sustainable energy must be addressed as an absolute necessity in countries where pollution is taking its toll.

Therefore, Zypp, with its disruptive technology, strives at fostering a sustainable community and cultivate a resilient infrastructure. Reports suggest that more than 4.2 million people die each year as a result of exposure from excessive pollution. More than a hundred million urban dwellers do not inhale air complying with the World Health Organisation standards. The numbers are staggering, and yet the governments and their respective transportation policymakers sit idly by and gaze at their citizens succumbing to the havoc city dwellers and urban commutation network have wrecked onto the environment.

Therefore, the following arguments have been enlisted substantiating how electric bikes and scooters comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiated by the United Nations.

  • The environment reaps the most benefit. Humankind and their egotistical lunacy of creating a better world have wreaked the situation to a level from where retracing the desolation will take years, and yet, absolute restoration is unachievable.
  • E-bike projects similar to Zypp can practice battery recyclability, which employs the existing resources at the maximum capacity and ensures efficient management.
  • In a world where fuel prices have skyrocketed, and the existing resources are depleted, electric bikes and scooters exhibit as a viable alternative. Therefore, we, as a community of taxpayers, should opt for it as an ease on pocket as well as a way out of congestion.
  • If the consumers replace their car trips with bike rides, reports suggest that they could cut back more than 50 percent of their commutation expenditure.
  • Delivery businesses can also rent a scooter for delivery, thereby cutting on the high fuel prices and complying with the corporate responsibility guidelines.

International organizations have called upon corporate establishments to practice social responsibility and entrepreneurship guidelines. However, start-ups founded on the principle of social responsibility reflect long upstanding in the community. With the transportation sector undergoing a massive transformation,

Zypp has been resolving last-mile logistics for citizens and facilitating them in reaching their desired destinations through a greener manner.

A revolution is in the wake, and as responsible citizens, we need to carry the beacon of change onto the peak where sustainability resides. As the nation who has fought against suppression, oppression, and epidemics, the pandemic which poisons us inside out must be uprooted and the shackles destroyed.

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