EV rental services- sustainable transport that is both cost and energy-efficient

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It has been predicted that only in Delhi the demand for electric vehicles would be 69.6 terawatt-hours by 2030. This is expected to generate a revenue of ₹700 billion. Furthermore, on 1st Feb 2019 Piyush Goyal (Minister of Railways) shared that by 2030 there will only be electric vehicles running on the streets of India. In fact, later that year, MG introduced cars like Hector and MG ZSEV. And the Indian automobile industry was dominated by electric cars like Tata’s Tigor, Mahindra’s E-TUV, Nexon, and Hyundai’s Kon EV. 

In fact, at present, there are various metro stations in Delhi-NCR that are equipped with electronic bikes as our daily computing partner for travellers. Brands like zypp.app facilitate that. Such brands are playing the most crucial role for professionals in their travel. In fact, brands like zypp.app have added value in a professional’s daily commute.

Although electric vehicles have been fascinating, it has even been as good as any fuelled vehicle. In fact, if you compare cars like MG hector with Ford’s Eco-Sport, you would know that the functional benefits of such vehicles are the same as any other vehicle. Thus here are some benefits why should you be renting electric vehicles as a commuting companion for their work or colleges.

  1. Rental EVs are faster than other vehicles: Not a lot of people know this, however, electric vehicles are faster than the usual vehicles. Especially the electric bikes because they give their riders the leverage to increase the speed up by just peddling once or twice. These peddle increases the speed of the bike by 20 to 26 miles an hour. Thus, for someone whose office is 18 km from their house can reach their offices in 30 to 40 minutes of time regardless of getting stuck in traffic.
  2. Rental EVs are good companions for farther places too: Say, for example, you are supposed to travel 12 km every day for work. With one single charge on your electric bike, you can travel somewhere around 25 to 30 km. This is a lot better than getting your regular bikes fuelled up for ₹100 or ₹200 every week. In fact, researchers have shared that people spend around one rupee for every kilometre that they ride on an electric vehicle. That makes is extremely cost-effective.
  3. Conserves money: Professionals who have recently finished their graduation/ studies would have a lot to save if they were to travel otherwise in a cab or other commuting options. Because of every cost for a rupee which is a lot cheaper than usual commuting options. This further helps you in reaching on time and getting into the habit of early savings.

In fact, with COVID-19 in the picture computing to work will be a serious issue and rental bikes by Zypp.app will be a huge help for commuters. Especially for bachelors who are away from families during this transition. These were a few points that I feel would help you get a stronger mind towards electric vehicles.

Download Zypp Android App- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobycy&hl=en_IN

Download Zypp iOS App- https://apps.apple.com/in/app/mobycy-zypp-e-scooters-sharing/id1318610812

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